Pearlicka Records

Pearlicka Records is a Miami Beach based record label founded in 2008. We are focusing on strong vocals and genre cross promotion with the aim to create top 10 hits.

With the help of the great people at Believedigital our releases are being distributed to over 300 legal digital download platforms worldwide and are getting the best possible PR attention. Whodany Inc. is doing our viral marketing and producing our music videos.

Already over 100 releases out, over 500 tracks with 100 artists and remixers. New releases usually bi weekly.

21 of the hottest dance tracks for Winter Music Conference 2012
The 4th part of the house music compilation "Pearls of Miami Beach" will be released by Miami Beach record label Pearlicka Records on March 20th, during Winter Music Conference. 

WMC Compilation

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Read the article about Whodany and Pearlicka Records at The Miami Herald.

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Please submit your demos to
(original productions only - no unlicensed samples please - currently we are mainly looking for full vocals of any genre)
We are always looking for remixers! We have productions of any genre, waiting for amazing, out of the box, remixes!

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Some of our chart success:

dance charts 2


Chart Topper DJ Mike T

Luca Garaboni Up Together ATAC Rainy Days Teenu Arora Ever Since Remember. Teenu Arora Pearls of Miami Beach 4 Mike Strip Seight Dr Grow Bobby Andy LaToggo OniMe Summer Stroll Albin Mombrun - Thorin Elixir Smart Wave Over Level Gho5t Magic Carpet Remixes Yuri Lima - DeepWMC Compilation Seight Drugs Are Very Bad Confusion ahora se mueve dalyx filip fisher raindrops Gho5t - Chopin Sonata Albin Mombrun Volubilis Chris Karino Just Fine Cloud - Albin Mombrun SneaXx Funky Beatz DJ Mike T Boombe David Diego Gho5t Gho5t Wanna See Adam Boulevard Dalyx - The Album WMC 2010 Freitag Deluxe Seight Ready Dirty Glasses Cuba Libre Freitag Deluxe Clubbism Technology Harmony - Chris Karino Shake It Falling Down Consciousness Drehkontrolle Sean Pemberton Whodany - Pearls of Miami Beach, Vol. 1 Drugs Are Bad 2 Whodany Fabric DJ Mike T Storm Stupid Beat Montag Whodany - Peace On Earth Greg Goldsack Mondschein Zirkus Drugs Are Bad Remix EP Jacopo Fiastri - Capri, You Love? (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) James J. Traitz - Don't Stop Your Mind / The YouTube Sessions - Matter Does Not Exist

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